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Introducing The Danish Royal Family

One of the three Scandianvian royal families, here is Denmark:

-Please note that I am only doing HM the Queen, Prince Henrik, Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary & their two children, Prince Joachim, his sons from his previous marriage, Princess Marie and her son with Joachim. I could do an extended Danish family post at a later time to feature Princess Benedikte et al.

The Royal Family of Denmark

HM Queen Margrethe II & HRH Prince Henrik of Denmark

On their wedding day on June 10, 1967

Margrethe Alexandrine Þorhildur Ingrid
Born: April 16, 1940 at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark

Queen Margrethe is the first of three daughters born to the late King Frederik IX and the late Queen Ingrid of Denmark. Margrethe has two younger sister, Queen Anne Marie of Greece and Princess Benedikte.

Margrethe was not born to be Queen. In 1953, a new Act, the Act of Succession of 27 March 1953, gave women the right of succession to the Danish throne, but secondarily. Which basically means that women are in line to the throne, but behind their brothers. In the case of Margrethe, she only had sisters and since she was the oldest, she became the heir. As of 2009, the Danish parliament is one step away from changing the law to simply say the oldest child of the monarch will inherit the throne.

Margrethe married Henri, Count of Laborde de Monpezat, on June 10, 1967 at Holmens Kirke in Copenhagen, Denmark Upon their wedding, Henri became HRH Prince Henrik of Denmark. The couple had two sons, Prince Frederik, born May 26, 1968, and Prince Joachim, born June 7, 1969.

Margrethe became Queen of Denmark on January 14, 1972 upon the death of her father, King Frederik IX. Margrethe was 31. She has reigned for 38 wonderful and long years.

Her Majesty is also an accomplished artist. She can draw and has designed many sets and costumes for plays in Denmark.

Celebrating Margrethe's 70th birthday in April 2010

Henri Marie Jean André Count de Laborde de Monpezat
Born: June 11, 1934 in Talence, France

Henrik was born to the late Count Andre de Laborde de Monpezat and the late Countess Renee de Monpezat. Upon Margrethe's accession to the throne, Henrik became known as HRH The Prince Consort. Henrik is well known for having spent time in Vietnam while growing up. Prince Henrik speaks French, Danish, English, Chinese and Vietnamese.

HRH Crown Prince Frederik & HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

Mary and Frederik on their wedding day, May 14, 2004.


Frederik André Henrik Christian
Born: May 26, 1968 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Frederik is the oldest son of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and Prince Henrik of Denmark. He has a younger brother, Joachim. He is also a Count of Monpezat.

The Crown Prince married Mary Donaldson on May 14, 2004 at Copenhagen Cathedral in Copenhagen, Denmark, making her HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. They have two children, Prince Christian, born October 2005 and Princss Isabella, born April 2007.

Frederik was famously apart of the Royal Danish Navy Frogman Corps in 1995, which is akin to the US Navy Seals program. Frederik is well known for his sailing, sometimes to the eyre of many.

Frederik and Mary Official Portrait 2009

Mary Elizabeth Donaldson
Born: February 5, 1972 in Hobart, Australia

Mary is the youngest daughter of John Donaldson and the late Henrietta Donaldson. Mary has three older siblings, Jane, Patricia, and John. Mary, as well as being titled Crown Princess of Denmark, also holds the title of Countess of Monpezat. Despite certain reports, Mary was never a lawyer. She worked for an advertising company in Australia before coming to Europe. The Crown Princess is also an equestrian, something she shares with her husband.

HRH Prince Christian of Denmark

Christian with his sister Isabella on her 3rd birthday in April 2010

Christian Valdemar Henri John
Born: October 15, 2005 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Christian is the oldest child and only son of TRH The Crown Princes of Denmark. He is a Prince of Denmark and a Count of Monpezat. He is second in line to the throne, after his father.

HRH Princess Isabella of Denmark


Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe
Born: April 21, 2007 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Isabella is the youngest child and only daughter of TRH The Crown Princes of Denmark. She is a Princess of Denmark and a Countess of Monpezat. She is third in line to the throne, after her father and her brother.

HRH Prince Joachim & HRH Princess Marie of Denmark

On their wedding day, May 24, 2008

Joachim Holger Waldemar Christian
Born: June 7, 1969 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Joachim is the younger son of HM The Queen and Prince Henrik of Denmark. He is fourth in line to the throne after his brother and his two children. Joachim is a Prince of Denmark and a Count of Monpezat.

Joachim first married Alexandra Manley on November 18 1995 in Hillerød, Denmark. She became HRH Princess Alexandra of Denmark. The couple had two children, Prince Nikolai, born August 28, 1999 and Prince Felix, born July 22, 2002. The couple divorced in 2004 and after Alexandra married for a second time in March 2007, she was made a Countess of Frederiksborg. Joachim and Alexandra comfortably share custody of their two sons together.

Joachim married Marie Cavallier on May 24, 2008 and she became HRH Princess Marie of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat. They have a son together, Prince Henrik, born May 4, 2009. Joachim and his family live in southern Jutland, Denmark.

Marie and Joachim in an Official photo

Marie Agathe Odile
Born: February 6, 1976 in Paris, France

Marie is the daughter of Alain Cavallier and Francoise Grassiot. She has four half-brothers, Benjamin, Gregory, Charles and Edouard. Marie, in accordance with her wedding to Joachim, is a Princess of Denmark and a Countess of Monpezat.

HH Prince Nikolai of Denmark


Nikolai William Alexander Frederik
Born: August 28, 1999 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Nikolai is the oldest son of Prince Joachim and his first wife, Countess Alexandra. He is a Prince of Denmark and a Count of Monpezat. He has a younger brother and a younger half-brother. Nikolai is fifth in line to the throne after Crown Prince Frederik, Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, and Prince Joachim.

HH Prince Felix of Denmark


Felix Henrik Valdemar Christian
Born: July 22, 2002 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Felix is the younger son of Prince Joachim and his first wife Countess Alexandra. He is a Prince of Denmark and a Count of Monpezat. He is sixth in line to the throne.

HH Prince Henrik of Denmark

Henrik Carl Joachim Alain
Born: May 4, 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Henrik is the only son of Prince Joachim and his current wife Princess Marie. He is a Prince of Denmark and a Count of Monpezat. He is seventh in line to the throne.

Let me know if you spot any mistakes!

Pictures: 1-3, 4-7, 8-9, 10-12; All info from Kongehuset.

Omg, these take so long and can be sooo frustrating!


Jul. 4th, 2010 06:48 am (UTC)

The Danish Royal Family is my favourite one :')


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